Creator of the Slot Game Realm of Legends Blueprint Gaming’s Realm of Legends is a grid slot game with a mythology theme.

Blueprint’s fantasy-heavy Realm of Legends indicates a shift away from the sweeter slots the game has featured so far. Each spin in Realm of Legends causes a drop of 49 symbols onto a 7×7 grid centered around four animals representing the game’s four modifiers. The misty mountains that tower above the game’s valleys, forests, and waterfalls are straight out of The Lord of the Rings. As excellent a description as any, “realm of might and magic” is what Blueprint uses to describe this place. An orchestral composition with a lot of chanting over it makes for a suitably emotional score.

Bets in Realm of Legends range from 20 percent to $100 or more every spin, and players may access the game on any device. Although Blueprint Gaming rated the game as “medium volatile,” its unpredictability during testing was far higher. While playing Realm of Legends, our imaginations took us from a figurative trek across Mordor to a night spent in an Elven tree home. The RTP is pretty high at 96.46%, and the music does settle into a semi-rhythm after a while. When groups of identical symbols appear in Realms of Legend, players are rewarded. To be counted, they must form either a vertical or horizontal chain and cluster in sets of five or more. When a winning cluster appears, it is eliminated from the grid, making room for new symbols to fill the void. When a run of victories comes to an end, the following spin occurs.

The objective is to form clusters of 8 symbols that pay differently. The green, blue, red, and yellow low-pay circles are all worth the same amount. The next set of symbols depicts the four monsters: Medusa, the Minotaur, a Firefly, and the Cyclops, and a cluster of 25 or more of them is worth 100x to 1,000x the stake. If you’re lucky enough to get a cluster of 25 or more of the wild symbols, you’ll win 1,000 times your wager. It can also assist complete winning combinations by standing in for any symbol other than the scatter.

Features of Realm of Legends Slots

Like with Reactoonz and other grid-based slot machines, modifiers become active when a particular amount of winning symbols have been amassed. The key distinction is that bonus symbols are needed to activate free spins.

When a winning cluster appears, the number of contributing symbols is added to the symbol bank in the upper left corner of the display. After accumulating a certain amount of symbols, a bonus is unlocked. If several modifiers are triggered by the same set of symbols, they are executed in the sequence listed below.

When 20 symbols are gathered, Medusa appears, takes out all paying symbols save her own, and then replaces them with fresh symbols before the grid is reset.

The Minotaur who drops wilds on the board wins when he collects 40 symbols. Some of the wilds may come with a multiplier.

When 60 symbols are collected, the Fire Sprite appears and destroys the low-paying symbols, leaving only the high-paying ones. The high-paying symbols fall to the bottom of the grid, and then the empty spaces are filled in with just more wilds or higher-paying symbols.

The Cyclops can be set free with 80 symbols in the pot. This person makes the switch to the Cyclops symbol, which is a more lucrative emblem.

The scatter symbols trigger free games if there are five of them anywhere on the board. Seven Legend Falls are granted after the trigger is pulled. More modifier action on the grid is possible during free spins since fewer symbols are needed to win the four creatures discussed above. If five bonus symbols are gathered, 7 more Legend Spins will be added to the current total.

Slot Performance in the World of Legends

It took some time for Realm of Legends to show off its full potential. We must have hit a snag early on, where victories were scarce and the game dragged on. It didn’t have the type of momentum that you could throw yourself into. The speed was ponderous at best since the modifiers didn’t fire as frequently as they do in other grid positions. A large portion of the game time was spent on spins that achieved nothing, yielded little winnings, or were close but ultimately unsatisfying. It moved in a clumsy, stop-and-start fashion for a time.

But if you catch it when it’s in the mood, Realm of Legends can be very entertaining. The cyclops in particular is a valuable addition to the modifiers. If you fight your way to the one-eyed beast, you may expect a good reward. It stands to reason that free spins would be far more exciting. The change is significant since fewer symbols are required to activate the four bonuses. As modifiers are added to the board in rapid succession, very extended victory chains can result. Cluster wins may be quite lucrative if the appropriate combination of symbols appears in the right places, and a multiplier wild of two is thrown into the mix.

Free spins are just as erratic as the rest of the game. During our tests, we saw payments ranging from 500x to only a few cents. Take this with a large grain of salt, as the maximum win is capped at 50,000 times the stake, as it is in many Blueprint games.

In conclusion, Realm of Legends has what it takes to deliver engaging, exciting gameplay, and the premise is serviceable if not very compelling. The game is passable for what it is—a mythology-themed grid slot—but there are better options out there.






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