Pokercode Home Game Season 2 – Battle for $3,500 in Prizes

Join the Pokercode home game non agent easy to earn slot site 2023 each Monday and fight for more than $3,500 in competitor list prizes with the top award containing 3 months Pokercode access, multi month Prometheus access, 90 days of Pokercode GTOWizard, multi month ClubGG Platinum Enrollment, and a $150 GGMasters ticket (if qualified).

Considerably more awards are circulated among the rest in the main 10!

Consistency Is Key for the Q4 2022 List of competitors
Along with our accomplices, we have made the greatest competitor list at any point by Group Pokercode. All prizes joined amount to above and beyond $3,500 and you should simply contend each Monday on ClubGG.

Each and every Monday, for the rest of the year, will include a Pokercode home game on ClubGG at 8 pm CEST and you can fight for prizes, brilliance, and competitor list focuses. To compensate consistency, we impacted the way competitor list focuses are acquired.

Join the Pokercode Friction Server to track down the home game secret phrase!
pokercode home game season 2 – Fight for $3,500 in prizes
More than $3,500 in List of competitors Prizes
Fight it out against Group Pokercode and supporters of Pokercode each and every Monday for list of competitors focuses which can acquire you fantastic awards. For this season, because of our accomplices, we have more than $3,500 in prizes.

It’s never been simpler to join the Pokercode home game on ClubGG. First you really want to download the ClubGG application on your telephone (Apple/Android). After you made a record and changed your created username so it matches your Conflict name, you apply for club 970951. You can then enlist for the home game.

Make a point to join our Conflict to be qualified to win prizes, and to track down the secret word for impending home games.

Pokercode home game season 2 – fight for $3,500 in prizes
‘GrownUpMIguy’ Wins Season 1
Season one wrapped up last week and it was ‘GrownUpMIguy’ who claimed down the primary spot reward of 1-month ODIN access while ‘DonHugo_123’ finished as next in line winning admittance to Pokercode for multi month.







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