Pokercode is Bringing you Eleven Coaching Sessions in November!

We bring a ton to the table for you in November with eleven training meetings booked. Steffen Sontheimer is bringing both of you cash game meetings, while Fedor Holz assumes command over the free open training on Jerk/Youtube at 7 pm CET on November 24th. Matthias Eibinger is compensating for a meeting he missed because of sickness and local area mentors Curtis Knight and Grzegorz ‘MammothTheGr8’ Kozieja take you through different themes. That is not even all we have arranged as Manuel ‘Phemo’ has a top to bottom meeting wanted to end November in style.

Pokercode is getting you eleven instructing meetings November
Steffen and Manuel to Complete the Month
We start the month on November third as Mentor Curtis has his customary test night, yet this time on the idea of twofold barrelling. Following on from that is Steffen facilitating his most memorable meeting of the month on November eleventh with local area part ‘Geduldbitte’. Grzegorz takes over from that point as he’s live on November eleventh and fifteenth with the second piece of his PKO: Last Tables series and a hand history survey of multi-way circumstances.

The activity comes thick and quick as the month’s end draws near, with Curtis facilitating two meetings in a week and Fedor introducing a free open training meeting. Curtis takes a profound plunge on November seventeenth with a point that is yet to be determined and on November 23rd he’ll have a hand history survey with a local area part. Fedor has our Allowed to-get to live open instructing meeting on November 24th, 6 pm CET.

Finishing up the month are Steffen and Manuel, with Steffen driving the way. He will have a local area decision training meeting on November 29th and you’ll have the option to impact the subject by joining our Strife server and casting a ballot! To place November in the books is Manuel, as he’ll go live on November 30th with a point that is to be determined.

Matthias is Back In the driver’s seat
Matthias was hit with ailment partially through October and tragically needed to defer his review meeting. Fortunately he’s back and solid as he will have two review meetings in November to compensate for some recent setbacks. The primary meeting happens on November fifth where he centers around ICM and how to hone your final stage. In the subsequent meeting, he is joined by local area part Hannes Jeschka for a last table survey of when he won the $5,000 Headliner at the Mediterranean Poker Party in Cyprus last month.

Our People group Mentors to Host 5 Training Meetings
Curtis and Grzegorz generally furnish the local area with important instructing and November is no special case. Curtis’ test night has turned into a number one inside the Pokercode people group and he’s pre-arranged a meeting on twofold barrelling to start the month on November third. His next two meetings will come later in the month on November seventeenth and 24th, as he brings a profound plunge into a point that is to be determined prior to facilitating a hand history survey with a local area part.

While Curtis has some time off around mid-month, Grzegorz will take over for certain extreme meetings on PKO’s and multi-way circumstances. The second piece of his PKO series will be live on November eleventh, as he shows you how last table technique changes in PKO design contrasted with standard competitions. After four days, on November fifteenth, he’ll be back with one more inside and out meeting, and this time it’s a hand history survey exclusively centered around multi-way pots.

Fedor’s Free Open Training
Fedor is the host of our Allowed to-get to live open training meeting on Jerk and YouTube. The double cross WSOP arm band champ will furnish you for certain extraordinary experiences into a particular subject that is yet to be determined. Take full advantage of this mind blowing offer by tuning into our Jerk or YouTube channel on November 24th.

pokercode is acquiring you nine instructing meetings november!
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